Thursday, April 18, 2013


Friday, January 23, 2071

Flipside is making its way into the Nest. The First Nations have kept their word about not dealing with it here, but people still get it, pretty much as we expected. I know that Whistler took it at least once, also pretty much as I expected. I've stopped trying to talk to him about anything else than work, it's not much use at the moment. I know that he has problems, I know him damn well enough for that, but I can't force him to accept my help (always assuming there's actually something I could do).

And then there's Liz. She badly underestimated how long Flipside lasts and came to work, still high as a kite. I really wish people wouldn't always try to lie to me. Anyway, when I confronted her, she gave me the bag with another dose and promised to never take it again. I did my best to explain that Flipside certainly is not just a party drug, as everybody seems to think. People are messing with magic and they have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

I made the mistake of touching her while she was still flipped and while I was using astral sight. The effect was intense and if it felt like that for me, it must have been that much stronger for Liz. I probably should have let go of her hand, but frankly I was too shocked to react - and then she kissed me. I would have had to use force to get her off me, so I let her and after a few seconds, she let go, apologizing. But she also asked me why I didn't sleep with her if I wanted it so much. Without waiting for an answer, she ran out.

It might have been better to just let her go, but I'm so tired of this shit coming up again and again, so I followed her and she repeated the question, but this time out on the street and loud enough for everyone to hear. She ran into her container and I went after her. I'm sure we're the hot topic of the Nest's gossip, but I couldn't care less.

Anyway, it started to dawn on me that Liz probably couldn't tell her feelings and mine apart. Astral sight is overwhelming and with the added effects of the drug...I'm fairly sure that I couldn't deal with that any better than Liz. She asked me right out to sleep with her - just this once. To help her stay away from Flidside, to help her get over being in love with me. I said no - what else could I have said, even if Liz hadn't been totally wasted. I'm not about to destroy my relationship with Ruby - I couldn't hide that from her and even if I could, I would know. I don't appreciate being emotionally blackmailed, either.

So I held her while she cried and then left when she asked me to. I ran into quite a crowd who suddenly looked extremely busy... Liz didn't mention any of this later on and I won't either. But she hasn't completely taken leave of the idea, unfortunately. I hope she manages to stay away from Flipside, at least.

Oh, and she told me who gave it to her: Kimba. No surprise there. I won't do anything about it just yet, but I'll keep it in mind.

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