Friday, April 19, 2013


Saturday, January 24 2071

I did a routine check on the clinic's finances and we're 10,000NY short. I couldn't believe it - 10k is a serious blow to the clinic, I have no idea how we are going to make do. I can sink some of my own money into the funds, that would at least make things a bit easier, but still.

I checked the surveillance. Liz is the one who took the money. I think I sat there for ten minutes, watching the few seconds of Liz burning the sticks like it was no big deal over and over again. There was no way I could get myself to believe that she was actually guilty, no matter what I was seeing.

I went to her and showed her the tape. She was absolutely stunned and promised me that she didn't do it. We both knew that very few people would believe her in the face of the evidence and that it would mean at the very least her banishment from the Nest, if nothing worse.

We talked to Growler and decided to have the hackers check the surveillance data. Aillén was the obvious choice, but I wanted Han to be in on it, too, to have two opinions, just in case one of them was involved. And I highly doubt that they would pull off anything like that together. Unfortunately, the data was not manipulated in any way, according to both of them.

Which left us with three possibilities: drugs, magic and the kind of mind-control we already had a run-in with. I can think of any number of drugs that would make Liz forget that she took the money, but of none at all that would make her take it. Magic might be possible, although I have no idea who would be responsible in that case. As for the mind-control, I made a brain-scan of Liz and I did find traces of manipulation, similar to those I found when I scanned Han or myself after the whole Matrix Surgeon-thing. It still doesn't rule out magic, though.

And it doesn't get us any closer to finding out who is actually responsible for this. However this was done, it took some planning and some inside knowledge. It doesn't do shit for my trust in the people I live with, I know that.

At least it got Liz off the hook. I told the committee about the theft, word would have gotten out anyway (I don't trust Aillén to keep a secret, for one) and people need to know that things are not hushed up. None of them were happy - welcome to the club - by they accepted my explanation and there will be no consequences for Liz.

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