Wednesday, January 2, 2013


January 19th, 2071, Monday

The war between the First Nations and the Crimson Crush is in full swing and we're busy treating the First Nation's casualties at the clinic. So far there have only been comparatively minor injuries, nothing acutely life-threatening. But I guess it may be only a matter of time. In any case, we are getting three or four gangers in here every day, plus the usual patients from the Nest.

Simon is doing a good job and I'm glad that we have him. I think he's going to stick around, too. He's a lot more confident than he was when he first came to the Nest and no-one gives him any shit. It may have helped that I told a couple of people that he really knows how to handle that sword he is carrying.

Whistler is getting a lot of hands on experience. Frankly, I'm using all this as an opportunity to teach him and to let him handle some more complicated cases himself while I keep an eye on things. People yet have to complain and he hasn't fucked anything up. I wish I could give him a real education that would qualify him for work in a legal clinic because he's already good enough for that, has been for a while.

The First Nations have been fairly good guests, if we can call it that. There has been some bickering, but nothing serious. No idea if it's going to stay that way, though. It's not like we could do all that much if they decided to take things over here. We'll see.