Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Simon Says

January 4th 2071, Sunday

We have a new med tech, an ork named Simon. Glitzy met him when she was out for a drink at the Bawdy Lass. He was looking for a job and since he has been in jail, he had no luck finding one, at least not as a med tech. I remember how that feels.

So we agreed to meet for lunch at Yoshiro's to talk it over. Glitzy had already send me his resume and I have to say, I was ready to do pretty much anything it took to get him to work at the Nest.

Simon was obviously nervous, not just because this was a job interview, but because he was going into the Barrens and the Rat's Nest. He had read all the media reports about us and frankly, those are less than flattering. I probably would have been terrified as well. But after we were done talking about the basics like work hours and salary, I could tell that he wanted the job. So I suggested we go and take a look at the Nest.

The Nest still doesn't look its best and it's something of a cultural shock at the best of times for someone who has been a more or less lawabiding citizen until now. But I think that Simon was surprised by what he saw and I know the clinic impressed him. When we came in, Whistler had just taken in some kid with a gunshot wound and we let Simon deal with it. Which he did very well.

We agreed that he will start on Monday and after a month, he will decide if he is going to stay. I hope he will.

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