Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Family

December 26th 2071, Friday

It turned out that I got to meet Ronny and his wife Susi (or Ygreque) a bit sooner than planned. They arrived at Glitzy's place yesterday and Ygreque pretty much steamrollered over the place, taking command. I managed to gently prod her into taking Glitzy shopping with her while Ronny and I would take care of dinner.

That gave me the opportunity to talk to Ronny. He says he was very much aware that he almost got himself into a load of trouble, although he didn't realise why exactly. I guess it's not that easy to understand unless you've lived in the Barrens for years yourself. In any case I invited him to come with me to the Nest this morning for a closer look around.

I had to take care of Eric and I told Ronny to wait for me at the Rusty Barrel, Growler would be happy to let him have a taste of his poitin. By the time I was done with Eric, Ronny was more than a bit tipsy and Growler did what he does best: ask innocent questions. He later told me that he is positive that Ronny is from Boston and connected to the Irish Mafia and well-connected at that. And he confirmed what I had already guessed: Ronny is a con man. I suspected as much, he's just too smooth and good-natured to be entirely real. But what the hell, I like him anyway. I just don't trust him all that much.

Ruby invited a host of people for Christmas. I'm not all that sure I'm up to that, I still feel a bit tired, but why not. It'll be the first real Christmas I've celebrated for years.

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