Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Even More Family

December 31st 2070 Wednesday

I cannot believe I’m writing this: Glitzy and I are going to be parents. Of twins.

Glitzy got roughed up at a party and while I was treating her injuries, I also did a pregnancy test because we already had our suspicions. It turned out we were right. I don’t think either of us has fully realized what has happened, I still feel a bit numb and Glitzy seems the same. She has even more reason to be, though, because after a spirit trip we took (long story, more on that later) she came back with pointed ears, very much an elf. She really is one, a gene test confirms it. I have no idea what happened there, but I do know that it will take some time for her to come to terms with that development.

Our children will be a boy and a girl and the girl will be an elf, too. We chose the name Kiara for her. I wanted to name the boy after Growler, there was just the small problem that I had no idea what his real name was. So I went and asked him and I got a very suspicious look and a runaround answer. When I told him that I really couldn’t name my son Growler, I had the pleasure of the rare sight of an absolutely astounded Growler. He caved and told me that his name is Angus. So Angus and Kiara it is.

There is some risk involved with the pregancy, because they are twins, because it will take longer than usual and because they are elf and human. I think it’s a risk I can manage, although I predict a lot of lost sleep for me about this. I worry, it’s what I do.
But I cannot wait for the two. I never really wanted children, but now the thought alone is enough to make me smile. I can already see them in Glitzy’s aura, tiny, so small I could hold them both on one finger. Angus and Kiara.


December 29, 2072, Monday

Whistler came by with his girlfriend Cecile on the 26th and I’m afrad that both Glitzy and I did not react well to her. She’s a nice girl and she and Whistler are very much in love. But while she’s quite intelligent, she’s incredibly naive. She’s also an elf poser. And she was high on Flipside, recognized me as Awakened (but not Glitzy, whom she fairly ignored for the rest of the evening).

Whistler hasn’t told her where he lives and works, instead telling her that we both work together at a small clinic in Everett, so if she does manage my talent to the wrong person, they at least would have a hard time finding me. But in any case I was less than thrilled to find out that she uses that drug. I have a hard time believing it’s as harmless as everyone tells me and I’m not at all looking forward to the problems the stuff will make for us. It is, I have to admit, a very tempting drug and I’m not at all sure I wouldn’t try it if I were not already awakened.

Anyway. It seemed that no matter what we talked about, Glitzy and I ended up snarking at Cecile. There were a couple of reasons: her very elegant way of putting things in a way to make it seem like she was indeed both an elf and awakened, her unquestioning believe of anything she has heard ot read about Metahumans, both flattering (elves) and unflattering to racist (all others). But we’re supposed to be adults, for heaven’s sake, and she’s only seventeen – I really don’t care to remember the many stupid things I did and believed at seventeen.

I talked to Whistler the next morning and he was seething. I apologized to him and today we all met again and Glitzy and I apologized to Cecile as well. When we talked about Tir Tairngire, I suggested she take a roadtip there to see the reality of that state for herself and she took up the suggestion with enthusiasm. Since Whistler, without a SIN, cannot go with her, I agreed to take her. I like her for her willingness to take a closer look, but I have my doubts that she will like what she finds.

Whistler told me that Cecile has described Flipside as a sort of performance-enhancing drug she has to take for her studies. Well. I’m sure it helps when one studies magic without magical talent, but I highly doubt that the university prescribes it for their students. Whistler thought I was lying to him about this because I was jealous of Cecile, I had no idea what to reply to that accusation. He was pissed at me (and he had a right to be), but this… In any case, I asked him to read up on the stuff and to treat the rumors about its harmlessness with suspicion. I hope he will. Whistler has never been attracted to drugs of any kind, but I’m not at all sure he’d refuse if Cecile offered it to him. But there’s not much I can do about it, I just hope he’ll be okay, both of them actually.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Family

December 26th 2071, Friday

It turned out that I got to meet Ronny and his wife Susi (or Ygreque) a bit sooner than planned. They arrived at Glitzy's place yesterday and Ygreque pretty much steamrollered over the place, taking command. I managed to gently prod her into taking Glitzy shopping with her while Ronny and I would take care of dinner.

That gave me the opportunity to talk to Ronny. He says he was very much aware that he almost got himself into a load of trouble, although he didn't realise why exactly. I guess it's not that easy to understand unless you've lived in the Barrens for years yourself. In any case I invited him to come with me to the Nest this morning for a closer look around.

I had to take care of Eric and I told Ronny to wait for me at the Rusty Barrel, Growler would be happy to let him have a taste of his poitin. By the time I was done with Eric, Ronny was more than a bit tipsy and Growler did what he does best: ask innocent questions. He later told me that he is positive that Ronny is from Boston and connected to the Irish Mafia and well-connected at that. And he confirmed what I had already guessed: Ronny is a con man. I suspected as much, he's just too smooth and good-natured to be entirely real. But what the hell, I like him anyway. I just don't trust him all that much.

Ruby invited a host of people for Christmas. I'm not all that sure I'm up to that, I still feel a bit tired, but why not. It'll be the first real Christmas I've celebrated for years.