Monday, September 17, 2012


December 24th 2071, Wednesday

Glitzy has been planning Christmas behind my back and I'm facing a holiday with much more company than I usually prefer. But I'm willing to give it a try.

She also brought her son Fynn to live with her, since she has settled down. Well, as much as she can. I had about two hours of warning between learning that Fynn would arrive today and meeting him. I think it went fairly well, thanks to Jasper. There really is nothing better than having a dog for getting to know people.

I like having the kid around, he's an adorable little guy and about exactly as curious and boisterous as I imagined him to be, he is very definitely Glitzy's child in more than looks. I have no idea how it will work out between us, but for now it's fun and I don't want to worry about problems I can't solve now in any case.

We'll have a full house on the 25th, Glitzy invited Maggie, Rusty and Ray and it looks like her brother and his wife will join us as well. More about that later. I invited Whistler for the 26th and, to my surprise, he agreed. We're both not all that keen on Christmas normally. He coolly asked me if he could bring a friend and I said yes, of course. I'm afraid I laughed all the way from the clinic to the Rusty Barrel. A friend. Sure. But I've been dying to meet his girlfriend ever since I found out about her (not that he told me outright) and I'm thrilled that he actually wants to bring her. Whistler is not all that generous with his trust and I appreciate it.

I drove to the Nest today to treat Eric. He is fighting the infection and I'm allowing myself to hope that he will make it. But he's still only halfway through it all and even if he doesn't turn into a ghoul, he may well aquire some aspects of the disease, like the grey skin, abnormal teeth or even an appetite for decaying flesh.

When I was done, Liz found me and told me that there was a patient at the clinic who had been asking for me specifically. And he said he'd pay well. The guy was charming and well-educated, but he clearly didn't belong here. He told me that he was an English teacher, hiking with his wife in the Cascades and that he had some kind of bite he wanted me to take a look at. The ranger had recommended the clinic. Yeah, right.

The bite was nothing serious, a chigger bite, and I called his bluff. He told me that he had wanted to meet me, to see if I was as good as I was supposed to be and that he could not tell me anything else until we would meet again officially. Otherwise we might anger mutual friends. I was this close to simply slapping a tranq patch on his back and then he would have woken up in the back room of the Rusty Barrel, with Growler asking the questions. I guess the raid on the Nest has left me a little bit paranoid or maybe it's just that I have been living here for so long that anyone who looks so out of place and might work for the authorities is immediately suspicious for me. Especially when he asks such a lot of questions about the clinic and how the Nest works.

But the man didn't look or behave very much like a threat and everything he told me was plausible. I don't think I was very friendly, I'm not at my best behavior when I feel like I'm being deceived. He seemed honest in his interest in the Nest and he even offered to help within his means, although I didn't take him up on that offer.

He finally left, after he paid for the treatment and the vaccinations I gave him when he told me he didn't have any before coming on this trip. I did some digging and his story checked out, he really is am English teacher from a town near Winnipeg. I found him on the school's website, he's called Ronald Winters. I asked Glitzy about him because she was the only one I could think of who might have a weird connection like that and it turns out he's her brother. I guess he wanted to check on the guy who's messing with his little sister. Glitzy invited him and his wife over for Christmas and I have to say, I'm actually looking forward to meeting them.

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