Monday, May 28, 2012

Fleurs du Mal

December 18th 2071, Friday

I almost forgot. Whistler has been keeping it a secret, but he's got himself a girlfriend. Not that I've seen her, but he was less discreet than he obviously thought. It was probably not very mature of me, but when he asked me if it was okay for him to leave for the night, I told him yes, of course, she probably already misses you. The look of total amazement on his face lasted only a second, but from Whistler that's more than enough.

Is anyone surprised that I didn't get a full night's sleep? No, I didn't think so. Sometime in the early hours I was woken by Splash who was screaming her head off in the street and when I ran outside, I found Claire unconscious next to her. Splash didn't make much sense, but she seemed to think that she was responsible. Did I mention she was completely naked? So I gave her my coat and brought Claire into the pub. Liz brought Splash inside.

Claire came around fairly quickly, screaming about getting shot at. Liz calmed her down while I talked to Splash. She was holding onto something and I finally got the idea of taking a look at her with AR: she was holding an old rifle and she wore threadbare clothes. Both rifle and clothes looked amazingly real, more real than pretty much anything I've seen in AR before. She told me that she had had trouble sleeping and when she went online, she had a feeling of being watched. When it didn't stop, she went to Liz to get something to sleep. Liz gave her a Prozac and I have no idea what Liz was thinking. Not much apparently. I'm almost sure she didn't ask one single question before handing out that pill. I'll talk to her tomorrow, we're both not at our best right now and it would only end in a shouting match. It still may.

Anyway, Splash took the Prozac and went on a really bad trip. Glitzy has given her an EVO seed a while ago. EVO is a program bordering on AI that evolves into a sort of miniature jungle with all kinds of animals and plants. Pretty impressive and pretty invasive. Splash imagined some ants from EVO talking to her and followed them only to be swallowed by one of the black flowers her EVO produced.

She ended up in a tunnel with a little boy who gave her the rifle and told her that they had to fight for their lives. People were kicking down the door behind them, so they ran and came to an abandoned house. A glance outside showed tanks and soldier, all wearing the MCT logo. Splash was hit in the head by something, lost consciousness and woke up again, only to discover that she was still wearing the clothes and holding the rifle. The clothes had a Star of David sewn to them, by the way.

I called Glitzy because I thought that she might know a bit more about this, especially about the EVO part. Splash stalled for a while, but she finally admitted to us that she is a Technomancer. She also told us that she had lost her, hm, spirit guide for want of a better word. She called him to take a look at the rifle and when he touched it, he simply vanished. I can only imagine how that feels - I've only encountered Mr Snautz a couple of times, but he certainly is a part of me and losing him would be a catastrophe. The spirit guide at least could tell her that the rifle is a sort of combat program.

Splash said that she has made some changes to her EVO that resulted in weird black flowers and climbing plants that have already migrated outside of her container. We went to take a look at the plants and discovered Snake, Splash's boyfriend, unconscious and entangled in the plants. I tried to pull him away and the plants let go, but left bleeding wounds. I'd rather not risk hurting him, so I left him where he was, who knows what the plants and the wounds symbolize. The really weird thing is that Snake is hooked up to the Matrix without a comlink or any other device that would allow him to access it, not even cyberware of any kind. We suspect that the Matrix Surgeon may have something to do with all this, but we're not sure at all.

Fuck. I just realized that no-one has seen our cyberwhores for a while. They were working to earn money to rebuild the Nest and one of them came to get food and stuff a few times, but not recently. I should check on them, they had been a target for the Surgeon last time.

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