Monday, May 28, 2012


December 18th 2071, Friday
The first night back at the Nest passed quietly until one of the Squatters had an accident with a mine left behind by the Picas, but he'll live.
In the morning repairs were at full swing, people were doing their best to rebuild their homes. The clinic is mostly burned out and I've lost much of my equipment, but I got a tip that there was an abandoned street clinic where we just had to walk in and take what was left. I should have known that this was too good to be true.

Gilettes, Slicer and Eric left to get the stuff and returned a short while later. They did have all the equipment we needed, but they also had a run-in with a ghoul. Slicer and Gilettes are pretty much unhurt, but Eric has deep clawmarks. At least there are no bites. All three are now in quarantine and I'm doing my best to prevent the virus from infecting them. I do think that they have a chance, but apart from Growler and Liz, no-one knows what exactly happened to them or we might well have a mob on our hands.

Speaking of ghouls, John has recovered from the pneumonia, but when I drove out to check on him, I ran into ghoul hunters.  I managed to get away after a short shootout and drove back to the Nest. There was no way I was going to search for John in that situation.
I reached him on his comlink and he told me that he had killed the two hunters I had injured. Glitzy and I decided to move him to another location, it was much too dangerous for him to stay there, one of the hunters had escaped and they would be back.

We loaded his belongings into the van and John got in at the back, closing the doors behind him, allowing us to keep our distance. Glitzy drove us to another abandoned factory where the smell of chemicals will mask John's own smell. He also has access to the sewers there. On our way back to the Nest we passed John's old hiding place and a group of hunters had gathered there, at least thirty people, surely enough to kill any ghoul they might have found.

Most of the Picas, former Picas I should probably say, have now left the Nest. Maggie threw most of them out in the afternoon, as a demonstration that she now belongs to the Scrappers and that the Picas no longer exist. That went pretty well, all things considered. We'll see how she fits in with us. There are now only six Picas left who are injured too badly to walk, the rest only had minor injuries.

I'm going to spend the night at the Cow to keep an eye on Eric. It will be at least two days until the infection sets in, if it does, but I still feel better not leaving him alone.

Oh, and Liz actually assumed that I would leave the Nest and my patients for a roll in the hay with Glitzy when I told her that I had to leave for an hour. I couldn't tell her that I would be relocating this ghoul I know, but even so I'd thought she'd know me better than that. Yes, okay, it can't be easy for her seeing me with Glitzy, but damn it, she didn't manage to tell me how she felt for three years. I hope she gets a grip on herself and soon.

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