Saturday, March 17, 2012

Organ Failure (private)

December 11th 2071, Friday

I said I expected trouble from Whistler when he found out about Glitzy and man, it's sucks being right. He really has an uncomfortable gift of picking out weak spots in someone and then saying just the right thing to hurt. We had it out, in front of everybody no less, at least until Whistler walked out on me yet again and I'm fairly sure that this would have been the last I would have seen of him if I hadn't followed him. As it is now, we've come to a solution we all can live with fairly well. Whistler wants to live on his own when we have the Nest back - something I thought about as well, if I had seen any way of making that offer without making him think I was throwing him out.

I had asked Growler to come see me at the Cow after breakfast last night. What he did was knock on the door at sunrise and one look at him was enough to tell me that he didn't have any time to waste. His kidney had already been in bad shape, but now it was failing completely and rapidly. Dialysis gave me enough time to get my hands on a nephritic screen. Growler tried to squirm out of it, saying that he was already feeling much better. He agreed to let me operate when I told him bluntly that he was dying and would be dead in a few days without the operation.

It was touch and go for a few minutes, but Growler pulled through and the screen is working well. When he found out that he wouldn't be able to get drunk any more, Growler gave me hell. He knows that he has been ignoring my advice and my warnings for years, though, and he also knows I didn't have any choice. Won't stop him from complaining, I guess, but I can live with that.

The nephritic screen was of course second hand and I acquired it together with its former owner, so I had a body on my hands that needed to disappear. I took Glitzy to see John.

John is a ghoul who has retained much of his sanity. Other players may not want to read the following.

Neil has met him about three years ago when John (as in John Doe) came in with severe wounds from a wild animal. By the time Neil had figured out what was wrong, John had killed the nurse who worked at the clinic back then. Neil tasered John and tried to save the nurse, but she was already dead. Since telling anyone about John may well have meant losing the clinic, Neil decided to let both the nurse and John disappear and drove out to a complex of ruins where he knew bodies could be hidden with no-one ever finding them.
John had come around and was tearing apart the body of the nurse in the back of the van. Neil waited until all was quiet again and then opened the door, ready to shoot John. He did not have the heart to do it when John begged for his life, confused and scared by what he had done. So Neil let him go. The people at the Rat's Nest didn't ask too many questions about the nurse, people who simply leave without letting anyone know are not unheard of and she never was really at home at the Nest.
Neil does what he can to help John and considers him a friend, although he always is careful around him, especially when John hasn't eaten for some time.

I've been meaning to do that anyway. I've never been able to tell anyone about him, but I had the feeling that Glitzy would be more accepting than other people and I was right. John is in bad shape, he clearly hadn't eaten for who knows how long. I have to get my hands on some warm clothes and other stuff to make sure he doesn't simply freeze to death one night. Glitzy also warned me that she had no problems smelling him and that hunters may have even less of a problem.

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