Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enough of Ghosts (private)

December 10th 2071, Thursday
So I found a teacher or rather Saphira found one for me. Glitzy works for her as a courier and I had already met her once when she taught Blaster how to fight with a knife before the duell with the Spikes.

She had caught my eye back then, but when we met at some hotel so that she could teach me about magic, I certainly wasn't in the mood to do anything about that. That's what I thought at least, it seems my subconscious had other plans. A ghost materialized and well, let's just say we both confronted our desire for each other much sooner than we normally would have.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit more at home with my magic now. I called my first ghost on purpose this morning. My grandmother, which may have not been the best choice considering what we had been doing, but I felt safe with her and it worked fairly well.

And Glitzy...I've fallen hard for her. I've never been someone to fall in love quickly and I've avoided even harmless flings in the last years. Maybe that's why it has hit me so hard, but whatever it is, I don't care. I just want to be with her and luckily she feels the same.

I expect trouble when Whistler finds out, but the first real trouble came from a direction I had absolutely not foreseen. When we got back to the safehouse, Liz used her shockhand on Glitzy and walked out, simply stepping over her body as if nothing had happened. At first, I didn't even get what had happened, but when I did, I was angry enough to bite Liz's head off. It took me some time to help Glitzy, luckily for Liz probably.

When I went to look for Liz, she was standing on the stairs outside, crying hard. I had an idea why she attacked Glitzy, but I wanted to hear it from her anyway. I feel like an idiot for not seeing it, but Liz has been in love with me all that time now. It just didn't register with me. But even if it had, it would have changed nothing. She is...or was...a friend, but not more. And being in love with me does not entitle her to decide over my private life, as she seems to think it does.

Liz and Glitzy fought it out amongst themselves not long after that and Glitzy won. I really hope that Liz will be smart enough to leave well alone after that.

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