Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I hate Fridays

December 12th 2071, Saturday

So, let's see. By noon yesterday, I had operated on Growler and stolen and disposed of a body. A few hours later, the police had raided the apartment next to ours. And a few hours after that, the Russian mob kicked down our door.

Rivet's memory's still not any better and he absolutely wanted to talk to Jury. I did some checking and the man's a boxing promoter, Jury Medwedew. I can't say I was feeling very comfortable about it, but I had too much on my mind to really think about it and so Rivet made the call from the apartment. Believe me, I wince when I think about it.

Basically, we gave the Russian mob the address of our safe house, it wasn't that hard for them to trace the comlink. There was enough time to get everyone out and on the roof, Rivet took off out of the window and down the street.
Since the Russians didn't capture him, I was taken hostage and it was made very clear to me that I would die if Rivet didn't turn up soon. With Glitzy and the others on the lookout for Rivet, there was nothing to do but wait. That I did tied to some pipe in a backroom of the boxing club where the Russians has brought me.

I can't say that I was treated badly, apart from getting tethered like some animal. I even managed to sleep a bit. But I was terrified. The helplessness was the worst part, just waiting to see if someone would put a gun to my head. I would have fought, but what chance would I have had.

One of the guards, Dimitrij, talked to me, about books if you can believe it, about Schiller and the old Greek authors. I admit I liked him, but I couldn't forget for one second that he would shoot me without blinking if the order came.

The whole situation ended fairly undramatically when Rivet walked in. He had decided to surrender and he had come to an agreement with Jury. I'm not at all sure that we have seen the end of this, but I was let go and Rivet and I walked out of there unharmed.

Glitzy and I have spend the night at her place. Well, at the place she's been allowed to stay by the original owner. But we've lost that as well because we both forgot to clean up my comlink after the Russians had hacked it while I was their hostage. It's not like they will be turning up here now, but still, so when Glitzy wakes up, we'll move.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Organ Failure (private)

December 11th 2071, Friday

I said I expected trouble from Whistler when he found out about Glitzy and man, it's sucks being right. He really has an uncomfortable gift of picking out weak spots in someone and then saying just the right thing to hurt. We had it out, in front of everybody no less, at least until Whistler walked out on me yet again and I'm fairly sure that this would have been the last I would have seen of him if I hadn't followed him. As it is now, we've come to a solution we all can live with fairly well. Whistler wants to live on his own when we have the Nest back - something I thought about as well, if I had seen any way of making that offer without making him think I was throwing him out.

I had asked Growler to come see me at the Cow after breakfast last night. What he did was knock on the door at sunrise and one look at him was enough to tell me that he didn't have any time to waste. His kidney had already been in bad shape, but now it was failing completely and rapidly. Dialysis gave me enough time to get my hands on a nephritic screen. Growler tried to squirm out of it, saying that he was already feeling much better. He agreed to let me operate when I told him bluntly that he was dying and would be dead in a few days without the operation.

It was touch and go for a few minutes, but Growler pulled through and the screen is working well. When he found out that he wouldn't be able to get drunk any more, Growler gave me hell. He knows that he has been ignoring my advice and my warnings for years, though, and he also knows I didn't have any choice. Won't stop him from complaining, I guess, but I can live with that.

The nephritic screen was of course second hand and I acquired it together with its former owner, so I had a body on my hands that needed to disappear. I took Glitzy to see John.

John is a ghoul who has retained much of his sanity. Other players may not want to read the following.

Neil has met him about three years ago when John (as in John Doe) came in with severe wounds from a wild animal. By the time Neil had figured out what was wrong, John had killed the nurse who worked at the clinic back then. Neil tasered John and tried to save the nurse, but she was already dead. Since telling anyone about John may well have meant losing the clinic, Neil decided to let both the nurse and John disappear and drove out to a complex of ruins where he knew bodies could be hidden with no-one ever finding them.
John had come around and was tearing apart the body of the nurse in the back of the van. Neil waited until all was quiet again and then opened the door, ready to shoot John. He did not have the heart to do it when John begged for his life, confused and scared by what he had done. So Neil let him go. The people at the Rat's Nest didn't ask too many questions about the nurse, people who simply leave without letting anyone know are not unheard of and she never was really at home at the Nest.
Neil does what he can to help John and considers him a friend, although he always is careful around him, especially when John hasn't eaten for some time.

I've been meaning to do that anyway. I've never been able to tell anyone about him, but I had the feeling that Glitzy would be more accepting than other people and I was right. John is in bad shape, he clearly hadn't eaten for who knows how long. I have to get my hands on some warm clothes and other stuff to make sure he doesn't simply freeze to death one night. Glitzy also warned me that she had no problems smelling him and that hunters may have even less of a problem.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


December 10th 2071, Thursday
After our night at the hotel, Glitzy and me were having breakfast when Saphira called and told Glitzy that Splash had been abducted by a troll bounty hunter. Apparently, there is a reward by Petrovski Security on capturing her, which was news to me. But we all have our secrets and this is not something you just tell people.

Splash had managed to call the Hellhounds as well, but they were too far away, Glitzy and me were much nearer and we did find her comlink, so we could follow her. The troll brought her to a warehouse, with some gangers keeping a look-out in front. We found the back door and snuck into the building. Neither of us would have any chance against a troll in an all-out fight, so a surprise attack was our best bet.

He had Splash in a small office divided off the main room and a scream from her made it clear that he was trying to get information, by means of electric shocks as we later found out. We could reach Splash via comlink and she distracted the troll long enough for Glitzy to sneak behind the door of the office.

I made some noise to lure him out of the door and it worked, but only just. Glitzy attacked him with her stun baton and I used my taser on him, it was enough to drop him. I added a tranq patch because I didn't want him to wake up too soon. We got Splash out of the restrains and left, but not without scavenging what we can use. It's not something I'd do normally, but with the Rat's Nest in the hands of the Picas, we need all the weapons and equipment we can get our hands on. I doubt the troll will be very happy about this when he wakes up and I really hope he never finds out who exactly did this.

Enough of Ghosts (private)

December 10th 2071, Thursday
So I found a teacher or rather Saphira found one for me. Glitzy works for her as a courier and I had already met her once when she taught Blaster how to fight with a knife before the duell with the Spikes.

She had caught my eye back then, but when we met at some hotel so that she could teach me about magic, I certainly wasn't in the mood to do anything about that. That's what I thought at least, it seems my subconscious had other plans. A ghost materialized and well, let's just say we both confronted our desire for each other much sooner than we normally would have.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit more at home with my magic now. I called my first ghost on purpose this morning. My grandmother, which may have not been the best choice considering what we had been doing, but I felt safe with her and it worked fairly well.

And Glitzy...I've fallen hard for her. I've never been someone to fall in love quickly and I've avoided even harmless flings in the last years. Maybe that's why it has hit me so hard, but whatever it is, I don't care. I just want to be with her and luckily she feels the same.

I expect trouble when Whistler finds out, but the first real trouble came from a direction I had absolutely not foreseen. When we got back to the safehouse, Liz used her shockhand on Glitzy and walked out, simply stepping over her body as if nothing had happened. At first, I didn't even get what had happened, but when I did, I was angry enough to bite Liz's head off. It took me some time to help Glitzy, luckily for Liz probably.

When I went to look for Liz, she was standing on the stairs outside, crying hard. I had an idea why she attacked Glitzy, but I wanted to hear it from her anyway. I feel like an idiot for not seeing it, but Liz has been in love with me all that time now. It just didn't register with me. But even if it had, it would have changed nothing. She is...or was...a friend, but not more. And being in love with me does not entitle her to decide over my private life, as she seems to think it does.

Liz and Glitzy fought it out amongst themselves not long after that and Glitzy won. I really hope that Liz will be smart enough to leave well alone after that.