Monday, January 30, 2012

Cast of Characters


Blaster - one of the 405 Hellhounds, Kerry's boyfriend (PC)
Cameron - a friend of Glitzy's who occasionally runs with the Rat's Nest crowd (PC)
Daniel - Maggie's newborn son
Dimitrij -boxer and soldier of the Russian mob, guarded Neil when he was held hostage
Eric: a Scrapper who was attacked and badly hurt by a ghoul
Faye - one of the cyber whores who work from the Rat's Nest
Gargle - a Scrapper
Gilettes - a Scrapper
Glitzy - Neil's girlfriend, works as a courier for Saphira, Neil met her after his Awakening when he hired her as a teacher.
Growler - leader of the Scrappers and owner of an Irish pub in the Rat's Nest
Han Wu - also called Han Solo, one of the hackers in the Rats Nest
John Doe - a ghoul Neil befriended
Jury Medwedew - boxing promoter and a local leader of the Russian mob
Kerry - Blaster's girlfriend, works as a mechanic at the Rat's Nest
Kowalski, Roger - Lieutnant, works for Hard Corps, Neil saved his life
Liana - a girl who works at the garbage plant. Rusty has a crush on her.
Liz - nurse at Neil's clinic
Maggie - ex-member of the Picas, a highly intelligent teenage girl, mother of Daniel. Here's her blog
Mister Wrinkles - Rivet's pug (PC)
Ray - a fourteen year old street kid who works for Glitzy occasionally (PC)
Rivet - an ork with ties to the Russian mob and member of the Scrappers, suffers from memory loss at the moment after a cage fight (PC)
Rusty - a Scrapper, seventeen years old (PC)
Saphira - fixer, works for the Scrappers frequently
Slicer - an ork and member of the Scrappers
Snake - member of the 405 Hellhounds and Splash's boyfriend
Splash - the latest member of the Rat's Nest, with a bounty to her head (PC). She's a Technomancer.
Whistler - about 17 years old, he has lived with Neil for the past four years and works at the clinic. Neil considers him his son, at the very least his ward.

Ghetto characters

Ephraim - a little boy whom Splash saw before during the raid on the Rat's Nest
Lidia - a woman Neil found dying from starvation. She speaks all languages and none
Judith - a mechanic with ties to the restistance fighters. A systm administrator in real life, but she doesn't remember that
Marcel - leader of one resistance group
Mordecai leader of another resistance group who have given the Rat's Nest people shelter for now
Ringelblum, Emanuel - librarian of the ghetto. Killed during the escape to the second part of the ghetto

Gangs, Places and Stuff

Canaries - a gang of children, formed out of what was left of the Picas
Cow - Clinic on Wheels, a converted van that can function as a mobile clinic
EVO - a program/AI created by Glitzy, it evolves into a miniature jungle complete with plants and animals
405 Hellhounds - Blaster's gang
Picas - a gang of children who tried to take over the Rat's Nest and were wiped out by the Scrappers. Now called the Canaries.
Scrappers - the gang of the Rat's Nest
Warsaw Ghetto a UV host on MCT's servers. A couple of characters are stuck there

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